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Here at RaisingDane, we're lovers of the marvelous breed known as the "gentle giants" --- Great Danes. Since 2015, we have raised these loving animals, learning so much about them along the way. As breeders of Great Danes, we not only want to ensure our pups locate a forever home but educate the public about these adoring canines. We’re here to serve as a knowledge-base for any questions you may have regarding Great Danes.

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Did you know that Great Danes are known as gentle giants?

Great Danes

All About Great Danes

Great Danes are a large breed of domestic dogs that originated from Germany. Despite their name, Great Danes have no roots to Denmark. Characterized for their long legs and immense size, Great Danes are a cross-breed between English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds. Their intended breeding purpose was to serve as hunting dogs but they have since evolved into very leisurely companions perfect for homes with children.

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