Purebred Great Dane Puppies

Learn more about Great Danes


Great Danes are gentle, yet playful giants. If you get a purebred Great Dane, you can expect to have a giant pet. A full-grown adult will be on average 120 lbs if female or 150 lbs if male. There are some that will be bigger and others that are smaller.

What kind of temperament do Great Danes have?

Great Danes are known for being loving, playful and generally very laid-back dogs. They make ideal family companions and greatly enjoy cuddles and social interaction.

What are some CHARACTERISTICS of Great Danes?

With a large structure and long legs, Great Danes are known for their sleek, shiny coats of fur that range in a variety of colors. Many are spotted, grey, black and brown to name a few. Surprisingly, Great Danes do not eat as much as their build would indicate. They do require exercise but can be very docile and enjoy lounging around the house.

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